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My name is Suzanne and I have been traveling since I was little. As a kid I recall many many road trips as a family. Mom would read while Dad drove and we saw lots of places throughout the country. I would venture to say there are very few states that I have not seen. In high school, I went to Quebec on a French club field trip and we were required to speak French the whole trip. Mind you – that was decades ago – my French was never great but it is now even worse than it was then. As a family we also travelled to Montreal to visit friends there.

As an adult I’ve been to numerous locations within the US for conventions, conferences and various jobs. I’ve studied abroad in London England. During my term in London, we literally took every weekend to see different locations in England including Brighton, Windsor & Stonehenge. Over our term break I went to Scotland and experienced as much as possible in Scotland for that week.

One of the things that’s great being from a big family is that you can drag a sibling & niece when you need a trip. After my husband passed away of cancer, we took a girl trip to Paris for a week so that I wouldn’t be home alone for my 1st anniversary after his passing.

In the past few years I’ve upped my travel game even more and begun taking solo vacations. I’ve been to Australia twice and spent a Christmas in Ireland. This past holiday I was able to take my parents on a Royal Caribbean cruise.

So, why should any of this matter to you? Because I have more than fifty years of experience traveling. Now, I am taking all of that experience and putting it to work helping others to have amazing trips of their own. Every time we travel to a new place we have the opportunity to experience new cultures and create memories that will last a lifetime.

As we move into 2024, I hope that your life will be full of happiness and many travel adventures!

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